Writing a Research Article: Advice for Beginners

Writing a Research Article: Advice for Beginners

What is a research article?

A research article is based on an original search. In this article, the authors are struggling to search for a new thing. The research can be based on the latest study or a current issue. Then authors are welcome to write up the methodology and regarding conclusions or results. The author also describes the data source; this section will enhance the authorization of the study. Method of statistical analysis is important to use in research work.

Priority or precedence of a research question:

It is important to concentrate on a specific research question. A property of well-researched articles is that it addresses a single preferable question over which the whole study is depending. The main organizing rule of a research article is based on the objective or main hypothesis. The other related questions are also allowed to discuss, but it is good to suggest you write several research articles on them later. The main focus of the paper should be the specific question only.

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Main elements that a research article contains in:

Writing the paper becomes easier and simpler when you get free of deciding the specific question. You must be careful about the structure of the research article because technical writing requires the right structure or order of elements in a paper. The elements should be written in the following flow:

1.    Introduction:

      You should state the value of the problem; you are discussing in the research article.

      The lack of current comprehension or awareness should be defined clearly by you.

      Objectives of the study must be included or introduced in this part.

2.    Methodology:

The methodology will consist of the following statements.

      Context and background of the study should be mentioned in this part.

      Study design must be specified.

      Mention the population in which you are interested in performing research. The research can be based on different kinds of population like hospitals, students, patients etc.

      Decide the sampling technique, and you will apply to your data.

      Identification of major variables of the study.

      Mention that data collection sources, from where you collected data for analysis.

      Discuss the methodology briefly, and you are going to use it in the analysis.

3.    Results or conclusions:

Results will cover the following responses.

      Data collection report will be prepared.

      Participants like clinical conditions and demographic situations etc. must be described.

      Main research question based key findings must be defined in this section.

4.    Discussion:

The discussion will be the last and final section of a research article. In this section, the following strategies will be covered, as well.

      Major findings of the study should be stated here.

      Results of the analysis should be started with the previous references related to your study.

      Policies of implications of the consequences should be discussed indeed.

      Limitations and strengths of the study must be mentioned.

      Also, do not forget to mention the open problems. It will encourage the other researchers to continue this work forward.

The role of a paraphrasing tool in writing a research article:

Whenever you are here to write an article or research paper, etc., you will need a paraphrasing tool. That will help you to rewrite the article easily. We will discuss some of the rewrite tools.

Plagiarism Detector tool:

It is an article rewriter. It will provide you with the best qualities of a sentence rephraser. You can use it by picking it from the following link https://plagiarismdetector.net/paraphrasing-tool.  Let’s talk about its great features.

      It has hand-picked synonyms in its library of the database.

      It will provide you with countless content-generating opportunities.

      Auto-spinning feature is available.

      The text can easily be read.

      Search engine optimization (SEO) favorable content.

      Submitted content will be considered for creative results.

      Responsive designs for all digital devices.

Paraphrasing Tool:

It is another tool that provides the best facilities as an article rewriter. It helps you to rephrase the sentence in a better sense.  Let’s talk about its features.

      This rewrite tool is providing the services free.

      The paraphrasing tool works speedily.

      The environment provided by this sentence rephrase is so easy and simple.

      The user can feel friendly with its convenient instructions.

DupliChecker tool:

It is also a paraphrasing tool which is accomplished with a lot of features. Many of the tools here  provide the facility of rewriting not for free. Some rewrite tools can let you use free services just for the trial of two or three days. But you will be glad to know that the tool DupliChecker will allow you to use its feature free. It also incorporates grammar checker and spelling correction; the most effective feature while writing up a research article.

Let’s talk about the working process of DupliChecker.

      You will press the button “Click here” to get started with it.

      Then you can copy the required data and paste it into the provided space. You can also upload the file.

      Choose the option “Next” to start up the process.

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