Why B2B Sales Prospecting is So Damn Difficult and How to Make It Easier

B2B sales prospecting is quite challenging. To excel in it, you have to beat the stiff competition. As such, your brand needs to stand out. The problem is that buyers are barely looking to buy. That said, creating an opportunity to sell is a daunting task. What makes it worse is that mainstream prospecting techniques and methods of pitching no longer seem to work. Marketing professionals need to think outside the box and find new ways to attract buyers.

The New Rules of B2B Buyers

In recent times, B2B buyers have evolved. For instance, they are now more focused on a team approach. One person no longer decides to purchase various products or services on behalf of a company. The purchasing team relies on the input of different business functions. Most of these people have little or no knowledge of procurement.

As a seller, you have to find out who is making the buying decision in a particular company. If the company you are targeting prefers to use a team approach, then your job is to help the procurement department to bring the others on board. The worst part is that most departments are seeking solutions. They want to buy products that suit them best. What does this mean for the seller? It means that they are less likely to say yes to your products.

Buyers are also much more informed than they were a while back. All they need to do is get on the internet and research the best products available. They can also check the price range and so on. These pose some challenge for b2b marketers. However, marketers can utilize top notch b2b prospecting tools from a leading marketing company that has proven useful and effective. These tools will enhance their marketing and increase the chances of closing sales.

On top of that, buyers are more interested in the value and not the price. So, great prices no longer mean that you will close that sale. As such, sellers have to articulate the value of their products or services to buying organizations. Unfortunately, sales professionals are still obsessed with prices.

What Selling Organisations Need to Do

Selling organizations need to stop relying on cold calling. They should focus their prospecting efforts on where it’s likely to generate results. When we say this, we are referring to the market segments with the most potential. Instead of approaching a pool of buyers, sellers should focus on a few buyers who show the most interest in their products.

Sellers have to adopt modern methods when reaching out to potential buyers. Social media is a great choice. LinkedIn seems to be among the best outreach platforms. However, the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook possess immense potential. These platforms allow you to showcase your expertise as well as connect with buyers.

B2B sales prospects pose a delicate challenge that sellers must overcome to thrive. While it sounds like a difficult task, it is something that sellers can achieve. The objective is to keep up with the evolving needs of buyers. The tips we have listed above may come in handy for selling organizations.

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