What Are Some Hacks To Catch A Plagiarized Paper?

It is important to know the hacks to stop plagiarism in order to maintain a reputation as a researcher or an academician in the academic world.

Why is it important?

Plagiarism is not always intentional. But, in spite of that, many do ignore undergoing correctional methods and use of plagiarism checker. This ultimately results in theft and tampering of another person’s original and honest creation. This should be avoided with immediate actions. So, without relying on others and what steps they would wish to undertake, one can get any tool that looks for duplicate contents and check the same for betterment.

Professors, academicians, and researchers are recommended to have a tool or any application or software programmer to check the similarity of content. This ultimately hacks to catch a plagiarized page and authenticate if any duplicate content is there in the document or not.

What are the ways to stop plagiarism?

Academic or research papers are required to be checked to avoid the possible similarity in the text. Letting go of the writing unchecked is never a wise decision. So, as a responsible writer one should recheck the piece, as it is important to avoid any unwanted confusion and hassle. Copy-paste the article and scrutinize to find the minute similarity or duplicate content that might be present in the article. The sentence construction too, if topsy-turvy and reconstructed, gets caught. Other than this, grammatical or total copying of other’s ideas can also be detected.

Essay writing services, article writing or research paper writings are certain services that students may look forto write their term paper. One cannot say that they are always flawless they can also provide you with a plagiarized paper. These agencies often try to have a non-plagiarized thesis statement and have the majority of the body of the paper plagiarized. Hence, when the students purchase essay or avail the academic writing services, they have to be very conscious. They should always ask for the plagiarism report from the service providers or from the writers.

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What are the most reliable and widely used applications?

Error in grammar or vocabulary can be corrected in several ways. But the error in the usage and construction of sentences are hard to rectify. It is difficult to find the best way to stop such malpractices or consciously done theft. So to check, whether a writer’s idea is original and not copied from others, knowing the hacks to find out duplicate content in a paper is important. It guarantees originality and looks for copied ideas. In that way, the duplicate copies get sidelined. This is necessary to increase the credibility of any article based on google search frequencies. The suggestions are developed and improved based on these short yet crucial points. Below are the names of some important software, used for the same.

Some free applications are-

  1. Duplichecker;

  2. Paper Rater;

  3. Plagiarism;

  4. CopyLeaks

To mention a few of the lot, these checkers provide the basic required help and plagiarism checking in free. The free version does not always provide full protection and checking of content plagiarism. But the paid versions are best, in terms of the support they provide to academicians, especially those who are not in a financially well off position. Sometimes, great deals are also being provided to the buyers by these sites or tools. It helps not only the researchers but the students as well, since; their income is not that much they can’t afford a paid service.
Most of the universities take strict actions against plagiarized copies and this includes canceling the degree of the researcher or the student, hence, the question of just ethics is pointless here. One is bound to present a piece that is one’s own work, free of any error, hence, it is important to know about some hacks to catch a plagiarized paper. This helps to avoid being called oneself a cheater.

Let’s conclude:

Does it sound good to be tagged as a cheater? Possibly, anyone will say a ‘no’ to this question. So, looking for plagiarized contents cuts down on similar possibilities. Academicians, researchers, etc., are always enthused about originality. Yes, no human is perfect or fully knowledgeable. Help is needed, do take that help.

Hence, the researcher should use the aids provided by books and articles written by others and present them in one’s own way. Argue against that thought or support that though but do acknowledge the hard work of that person. Or else the whole endeavor becomes a waste. It will make one an utterly failed academician.

Professors get terribly disgusted by such cheating and false steps taken by the students. Never forget, there is no shortcut to success. Customized essaysand reconstructing those, is a part of plagiarism checking and one should go for that.

Author Bio: Anmol is an MBA – Marketing graduate from an AACSB accredited school of business in Adelphi University, NY, a nationally-ranked tier-1 university. After completing his MBA, he started his journey as a Marketing Manager with Copyleaks, where he is responsible for strategizing, executing, and overlooking all marketing activities. 

Copyleaks is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning powered Plagiarism platform. Built around the idea that content should always be original and the original author/producer deserves the due credit, Copyleaks is capable of providing robust plagiarism detection with very many solutions, which can also be tailored to one’s needs. One of the most favorite solutions, especially among the academic, education and enterprise community is an API-based solution that is capable of integrating with other platforms and providing next generation of authentication and plagiarism detection for businesses and institutions. Copyleaks also has the capability, with the duplicate file finder tool, to help compare one’s own internal documents against each other from within their own internal network or directory in a safe and secure environment that does not expose your content to anyone else. The plagiarism checker for students is another powerful tool that helps students detect and prevent plagiarism before turning in research and academic papers to the educators. 


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