Difference Between Web Design And UI Design

Difference Between Web Design And UI Design

Both web design and UI design have significant importance in their respective fields. UI design has the power either to create your customer base or to destroy it. UI design increases user involvement makes a strong customer and website link and improves functionality. 

On the other hand, web designing creates brand value, the credibility of a business makes a good impression on the audience and improves a website’s google ranking. In other words, both web design and UI design are essential for a website. 

This article will give you a simple description of the Difference Between Web Design And UI Design. But before we know the differences, let us know about both of these terms individually. 

What Is Web Design?

Web designing involves web designers with in-depth knowledge about programming languages, CS, HTML, Javascript, or other scripting languages like PHP; and Photoshop. 

Web designers create and code web pages and internet sites. The entirety of a web designer’s work limits within building a website

What Is UI Design?

UI design stands for user interface design. The UI designers build interfaces for the users in different software, websites, applications, generally for computerized devices. 

They focus on the graphical look and feel of websites, software, and other similar products like smart tv, robots, and interfaces for different types of machinery. UI designers focus on the simplicity of the design so that the users find the products easily usable and pleasurable. 

Difference Between UI Design & Web Design 

Both of these terms have one word, ‘designer’ in common. But the terms differ as they have different roots. So here are some differences between UI designers and web designers.

Web Design

UI Design

The web designing of a website involves generating content for a website. Web designers design the layout of a website. They are also responsible for the looks, feel, and aesthetic of the website. UI design means user interface design. The UI designers work between the user and the product. They ensure the seamlessness of information between the user and the product.
The web designer has a lot to do. Their work requires them to compile UI and UX and create a highly functional website that the audience feels interested in using. Website designers have to deal with the aesthetic of a website.   UI design, on the other hand, develops the base of interaction between the user and the service. They work for the betterment of the visual appearance of the product.
A web designer needs to have in-depth knowledge about programming languages like HTML or CSS, Javascript, PHP, web designing packages like Photoshop, Flash.  On the contrary, UI designers have a good knowledge of front-end development and coding skills.
Modern-day graphic designers are generally contemporary web designers who have trained for a long time in certain skills. Here are some of those certain aspects they excel in-
  • Diagrams.
  • Color theory.
  • Creative conceptualization.
  • Interactivity, dropdown menu, rollovers, digital slideshows, call-to-action buttons, forms, etc.
  • Typography.
  • Info-graphics.
  • Icon Developments.


The UI designers focus on colors and typefaces. 
  • They design the buttons, icons, sliders, and scrollbars. 
  • UI designers form a style guide for the apps and the websites and ensure consistency for the users.
  • They work on the interactive parts.
  • And the layout of every screen.


Other Differences

  • One can learn web design and UI design through different learning courses. There are many online advanced learning courses for both of these streams. 
  • Web designers’ work is only limited to websites. At the same time, the UI designer can also work for some apps and other products like smart tv, mobile, laptop, robots, and many other products that need a user interface. 
  • The website designers work on the whole website while the UI designer only creates the user interface. 
  • Web design and UI design are both works, and many people choose both of these as their professions. Since these jobs require different skill sets, employers also have little difference in terms of salaries. 
  • Different companies look for both web designers and UI designers. Some companies also look for only a web designer who knows both UI designing and Web designing. 


Web design and UI design are great options for the profession if you are well-versed in any of these. You can take any of these two directions if you have the knack and passion for it.

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