The government and Creden join hands to make online document verification systems that are 100% counterfeit

The government and Creden join hands to make online document verification systems that are 100% counterfeit.After the government announced #Copy of the copy soon, the government announced another good news in pushing the country to the digital age. By holding Thai national start-up companies, Creen Asia Company Limited (Creden), the creator of electronic document & signature systems to drive and promote all sectors Help increase the ability to compete with foreigners In line with Thailand 4.0 policy, the digital economy of the country With the Land Development Department Digital Economy Promotion Agency And the Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital Signed this agreement
What Creden does is allow you to register personal information + the person’s identity page. To create documents for electronic signatures within 1 minute and can be used with various official documents The focus of this system is to help reduce paper usage significantly. And can also increase the speed of operation By bringing documents that have been logged in When sending documents to authorized personnel anytime, anywhere, can immediately sign documents via mobile phone or mobile device. And these data will be stored on the blockchain, so you can be sure that it has not been changed. And every system has received the standard from ETDA, so can be sure that all documents that are processed through Creden can be used with the government That can support all With electronic time stamp To create confidence and guarantee the existence of documents at that time as well
Dr. Pichet Durongveerot, Digital Minister for Economy and Social Affairs, said, “Today, I am pleased to see Thai startup companies like Creen Asia Company Limited, which initiated technology and innovation businesses. Digital by providing electronic document creation and signature services online The service is an important service in line with the national development strategy, including Thailand 4.0 policy in driving the country. In particular, the bureaucratic system must change the concept and new work method. Must adapt to digital (Digitalization) The technology that has been integrated and facilitates the public. It also corresponds to the policy of reducing paper use in the organization. According to the cabinet resolution Will help reduce waste Reduce the overall cost of the government. Create more ease of work
Khun Pawut Phongvitayaphanu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Creen Asia Company Limited, said, “The signing of this memorandum Is considered an important step for Creen in collaborating with the government to support all sectors Turned to realize the importance of using digital technology and innovation to adapt to the organization Public service And prepare the business sector to be able to compete with foreign countries in concrete digital economy
By the service of Crain, it can help solve problems of identification. Identification and identification (Verification) with digital identity verification system (eKYC) and document management system and electronic signature That is effective and practical Both public and private sectors As well as the general public can use the services of Creeden in online transactions
Which Creen has cooperated with Electronic Transaction Development Office (Public Organization) or Digital Ministry ETDA for economy and society In the time stamp to confirm that the document is correct Time stamps will ensure that users use documents that are authentic documents that exist at the time of stamp and Krien Asia Company Limited has cooperated with government agencies such as the Land Development Department Digital Economy Promotion Agency Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital, etc., to facilitate the people Use documents and electronic signatures to request services with the above agencies.
In the event, there was a discussion on the topic “Important steps of the government to the digital age” with representatives from government agencies participating Signed the cooperation, such as Mr. Pattaraporn Sojayaya, Deputy Director-General of the Land Development Department, Asst. Director of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency Associate Professor Dr. Prayuth Siriwong, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital And representatives from the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (Public Organization) participated in discussions and exchange views on the introduction of document systems and electronic signatures. In order to facilitate the organization and people in order for Thailand to be able to move towards a sustainable digital economy and Thailand 4.0
Creen is an eKYC provider of identity verification and verification, electronic document and signature management systems, and a creditability assessment system.
  1. Identification and verification system (eKYC) for identification (Identification) and identification (Verification) of customers correctly By checking the accuracy with the government agency According to the standard recommendation announcement Digital ID guidelines for Thailand
  2. Electronic document and signature management system is the preparation and signature of documents that are in electronic form. Which can identify the person who owns the electronic signature Or presenting the owner of the text and including accepting in the text or information in the electronic as well as according to the Electronic Transaction Act
  3. Credit Scoring System is a system for analyzing and assessing the risks of an organization. Or general person From the information available, such as financial statements, management’s relevance, etc.
For anyone interested, you can visit the website. to test the system immediately Without charge


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