Remarkable Improvements in Biometric Verification Techniques

Biometric verification provides ease in the identification and verification of a person. Based on the unique physical features and patterns, a person is verified. These physical features not only include fingerprint scanning but also iris scanning, retina scanning, voice waves and face recognition technique to verify facial features. Biometric verification is introducing innovation in the verification and authentication of a person’s identity. These authentication reforms are ensuring security and reliability in the verification process. Also for an organization, biometric authentication is eliminating the manual identity verification and increasing productivity.

According to the 2018 survey, advanced biometric solutionsare generating market revenue of about $21.8 billion. Multiple industries are using biometric technology in their system and verify the customers based on their unique biological traits. The improvements in biometric verification solutions take place in a large number of industries, some of them are as follows:

Travel Industry

In the travel industry, biometric verification solutions are helping in identifying the passengers. In the border checkpoints, biometrics are used. Facial verification techniques are used in the US at various border crossings.

Also, at airports for international flights, some countries apply strict rules regarding biometric verification of the passengers. Biometrics provide reliable security measures in the travel industry. It is speeding up the passenger authentication process by lessening the queues and waiting time of the passengers.

Digital ID Cards

A large number of countries have implemented a high level of security by introducing digital id cards for the citizens. These id cards contain electronic information of the biometrics, image and other data. This information is stored in the id cards in a way that it gives ease in the information reading using machines.

Also, security is another achievement, a hard time for criminals and identity thieves in copying and duplicating the id card of some other person. This results in mitigating the risks of id card frauds and avoid security issues related to it.

Online marketplace

In an online marketplace, customer identity verification is ensured using biometric techniques. These techniques mostly include facial recognition technology. A person is asked to capture a live picture and upload it, this picture is verified against the picture on the ID card. If both matches, the customer is verified otherwise his request is rejected. This advancement in the online marketplace has resulted in the reduction of online fraud and payment scams. These online businesses not only include e-commerce but also online banking portals, financial deals, and other online payment portals.

Public Concern with Biometrics

A survey shows that 67% of people are comfortable with the biometric verification which is expected to increase in the coming years. If on one side, biometric authentication is introducing high-level security, on the other side, it is convenient for the public to authenticate themselves without spending a huge amount of time on manual verification processes. Also, the productivity of the business would increase by doing a lot of work in less time.

The major concern of the public regarding biometric verification is data protection. As biological traits are unique to each person, therefore it is important to secure the sensitive data of the users in an efficient way. Users must know where this information is being used and how it is processed. The data is used for authentication purposes, the more there will be a high risk of data security in that matter. Therefore, biometric verification in any organization should comply with user privacy measures. For this, it is important to ensure GDPR compliance in the organization. This would help in acknowledging and implementing security measures based on privacy and data protection laws.


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