Top 5 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation

Top 5 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation

We all know that we need to study rigorously and put tremendous effort and time to score well in the exam but believe me, PMP is nothing like any exam you have given before. In a league of its own, it is considered one of the toughest industrial exams, which needs months of extensive preparation to get near to the passing marks.

PMP is one such exam that can take you way ahead in your career; it is definitely worth giving a shot that too with total dedication. And to help you ace the PMP exam, we have come up with this blog that will take you through 5 crucial tips to nail the PMP exam.

 Top 5 Tips To Ace The PMP Exam

1.  Master the PMBOK Guide

The PMP exam is heavily based on the PMBOK guide. Industry leaders often refer to the PMBOK guide as the bible to pass the PMP exam. So, begin your study with the PMBOK guide itself and then do anything else. It will immensely help you get a better understanding of each topic as you progress. As you go ahead, try to break down the PMBOK guide chapters into small parts and study one part each day. Doing this will help you include the PMBOK guide in your studies without drenching a sweat.

But remember, it is not enough to just memorize the things from the PMBOK guide. You have to master it, so make sure you have gone through this so-called bible at least 2-3 times before sitting in the final exam.

2.  Use a Good PMP® Prep Book

When people ask me, how to prepare for PMP exam without investing tonnes of money? I tell them to get a good PMP textbook. A good PMP textbook is more than enough if you read it thoroughly. The top PMP authors that you should read from are Rita Mulcahy and Andy Crowe. The

Most aspirants face a challenge when dealing with the ITTOs (inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs) of each process. To tackle this, aspirants should work on their basics and understand when and why a particular process should be used. And textbooks help you literally master it without an effort.

3.  Enroll in Online PMP Exam Prep Workshops

Being a working professional, it’s not possible for you to attend offline classes. So, enroll in a good PMP course or workshops that can help you master things faster and efficiently. Not only that, these workshops will help you complete 35 PDUs, which are mandatory to appear for the PMP exam. Also, you get no-nonsense mentorship which can be immensely helpful. But remember to do thorough research before enrolling in any course.

4.  Take the Help of Online PMP Exam Simulators

PMP exam simulators are basically the dummy PMP exams that literally follow the same format as PMP exams. These simulators help in preparing for the exam. Consider them the same as a mock exam. PMP exam simulators replicate the PMP exam environment so that you can become comfortable with the actual exam pressure. They are a great way to test your knowledge and know where you stand.

5.  Participate in Study Groups and Forums

Forums and study groups can be a great way to level up your preparation. As an active participant in discussion forums and groups, you would get to know about many new things and get your queries answered by your peers and get to know what they are doing differently, get your hands on more resources and materials, etc.


I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t matter how many tips and tricks you know about the exam, but if you won’t put it into action, it’s all a waste. So, clear your calendar and start studying right now.



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