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This year most of the students are doing their classes and assignments via Zoom and other online tools. Their assignments are now being done through the help of MS Office Programs, the same as the teachers and other people currently working at home. That’s why keeping all your files safe and secured from any virus or alterations is a must.

By converting your files to PDF, you don’t have to worry about anything. Finding the best website out there might be challenging because many can convert your files to PDF. One of the safest ways of converting your files is only at PDFBear. Here are some guides for you to use in converting your files to PDF.  

PDFBear: Convert Excel To PDF File

The Excel file is one of the most used MS Office programs for computation and formulas; for short, it is the math subject in the computer world. You find it hard to convert Excel to PDF online because you are afraid that your formula’s format will be altered and deleted. Thanks to PDFBear, you don’t have to worry about it anymore; just follow the simple steps.

As you open the website, look for the Excel to PDF and follow the three simple steps:

  1. Upload the file you want to convert, then choose the options available.

  2. Kindly Click the convert button and wait for it until your file is analyzed and converted to PDF format.

  3. Once your file is ready for download, just click the download button.

PDFBear: Convert Word To PDF File

Word files are one of the most commonly used MS Office programs to write essays, exams, articles, and other homework types. Converting your file to PDF will not just secure all your work by making it uneditable, but also it can shorten the size of your file so that it can be quickly sent through emails.

Through PDFBear, you can convert your Word file for free in three easy steps:

  1. Upload the file that you wish to be converted, net wait until the converter will scan your file.

  2. The converter will automatically convert your file to PDF in just a few seconds.

  3. Once the conversion is done, you can freely download your file into your device.

PDFBear: Convert PPT To PDF File

The PowerPoint format in the MS The office is one of the most used in creating different presentations like product presentations, lectures, and many more. Converting them to PDF format keeps your presentation secured from alterations by all your viewers. With the help of PDFBear, you can easily convert your huge files to PDF and help you save up space.

These are the three simple steps in converting your PPT to PDF:

  1. Upload the file that you wish to convert, next wait until the converter has finished scanning your presentation.

  2. Once scanning and checking are done, the converter will automatically convert your PPT to PDF.

  3. When everything is done, you can freely download your file.

PDFBear: Convert JPG To PDF File

Protecting your photos is a must, especially nowadays, there are different apps in the market that can easily edit your photos. Converting the JPG file to PDF can protect those personal photos of yours from possible edits.

To convert your image to PDF, upload your JPG format to the website; next, choose the different options you want; if it’s not necessary, you can proceed by clicking the “Create PDF now.” Once the conversion is finished, you can now download it to your device right away.


When it comes to your personal MS Office files, always make sure to have them all converted to PDF so that your files will be 100% guaranteed safe and away from any possible alterations. Visit PDFBear and explore their services that might help you!


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