PDF Files: Efficiently Manage Your Electronic Files Using Online PDFBear Tools

Many people use PDF format for their computer files. It’s a portable format that makes your electronic files convenient to use. PDFs are easy to view on whatever device you’re using. You can easily share them with other devices and even attach them to your emails. You’ll also never encounter issues when you upload them online whenever necessary.

However, if you have tons of PDF files on your smartphone or computer, you might find it hard to organize them properly and effectively. That‘s why you’ll be needing a system to help you manage your PDFs. The most helpful platform you can find online for your files is PDFBear. It’s a popular website for most PDF users, which offers different tools for free.

It’s not easy to manage a lot of electronic files in your file storage every day, especially if it’s part of your task at work. Hence, check the list of PDFBear tools below and learn how to use them effectively for all your electronic files.

File Converter

One of the most common online tools that people usually use for their files is the file conversion tool. It’s a tool you’ll need if you want to convert your existing file to a new format. PDFBear offers you access to its file converter online for free. You only need to upload your files on the online conversion tool of PDFBear.

Then, the system will initiate the conversion right away. When it’s finished, the newly converted files are now ready for download so that you can save them on your smartphone or computer. Also, the file conversion process won’t take much of your time. Just give it a few clicks and wait for a couple of seconds, and it’s done.

Moreover, the website can process conversion to different file formats. You can convert Excel to PDF if you want to have a PDF copy of your Excel spreadsheets. You can also process the conversion of your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to PDF format and vise versa. Even files in PNG and JPG can be converted to PDF. You can check the website now to see what other formats it can process to convert.

File Merger

Another exciting tool of PDFBear that you’ll surely need for your files is the file merger. If you have tons of PDF files in your file storage, you might have a hard time organizing them properly. Hence, you can use the file merger of PDFBear to help you make your job done efficiently.

The tool will allow you to combine different PDFs into a single file. Thus, you can merge files with similar content and are used to accomplish the same tasks. PDFs that were created in the same year, you can also unify them in one file. You can use other ways of categorizing your PDFs that you think will work best. Just don’t forget to rename the merged files for easy retrieval in the future.

File Protect Tool

Your files may contain confidential information that you want to protect from people who want to access them without your permission. Especially in this generation, the internet paves the way for an easy process of file-sharing online. Hence, the thing you need to do is to set up a password for all your files.

PDFBear uses smart technology when it comes to file protection. Just upload your files on the protect PDF tool of PDFBear online. Then, provide a personalized password containing a combination of numbers, letters, and different characters you prefer. After that, tap the “Encrypt” button so the system will process saving the password you provided. That’s how easy it is to protect your PDFs with a password using PDFBear.


It’s not easy to manage tons of PDFs on your smartphone or computer. Most especially if it’s part of your job, it’ll surely give you so much work. However, with the list of tools discussed above, your job will definitely become a piece of cake. If you haven’t tried any of these online tools, it’s time for you to visit the website now and discover yourself what else the PDFBear platform can offer for your files.


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