Top 10 Machine Learning Applications you Should Know About

Top 10 Machine Learning Applications you Should Know About

News no longer limited to newspapers, groceries no longer limited to supermarkets, shopping no longer limited to going to distant shopping malls, and watching movies no longer limited to the multiplex. 

Everything we do has changed drastically from the way we did it nearly a decade ago. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that has made everything possible in just a few clicks. Now you can go to unknown places without a guide, Google Maps is there to show you the way. There are numerous examples that have changed our lives and have made it easy. 

Similarly, AI and ML have changed the way businesses function today. It has swept across the global business landscape. Technical accomplishments and tools which were not possible a few years ago are utilized regularly today, all with AI and ML. With the versatility of Machine Learning algorithms, the demand for trained and certified professionals is skyrocketing in every industry. Eventually, there is a surge in the candidates taking AI and Machine Learning courses to get certified and make their careers in the field which is future proof and get high salaries. 

What is Machine Learning?

A subset of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is a set of tools and techniques that help computer systems to learn and adapt on their own automatically through experience. Machine learning algorithms guide AI to learn and that too without being explicitly programmed for it. It focuses primarily on the development of such computer programs that can access the required data and utilize it to learn for itself. The sample inputs are used to learn the patterns instead of predefined program instructions. It can also learn from previous patterns and execute the knowledge.

Let us now read about the applications of Machine Learning that we observe in our routine life.

Applications of Machine Learning

  • Social Media 

The most common machine learning application which we observe on our social media account is “People You May Know”, or “Pages You May Like”. You may have observed this on Facebook. This excellent feature introduced on social media platforms is nothing but an application of Machine Learning. Facebook keeps track of your activities and uses machine learning to learn from those records and make suggestions regarding the pages, and friends.

  • Traffic Analysis

When you need to go to an unknown route, Google Maps is there to assist you. Also, in spite of heavy traffic, you can find your way with the least traffic. Assisting you with unknown ways and letting you through the faster route is time-saving, accomplished by Google Maps. But, how is it possible? Google keeps track of your location, average speed, and the route you are traveling in and this makes it possible for Google to predict the upcoming traffic and assist you accordingly. All credit goes to Machine Learning.

  • Product Recommendations

One of the most popular applications of Machine Learning is Product Recommendations. When you look for a product in any eCommerce site such as Amazon or Flipkart and you don’t buy it. The product is recommended to you when you watch something on YouTube or browse through Facebook. How does it happen? ML and AI techniques are used by websites to track your activities based on your browsing and purchase history, eventually making almost similar product recommendations. 

  • Sentiment Analysis

When you look for reviews of some products or services, there are emojis to tell you if the reviews are good or bad. A real-time machine learning application, sentiment analysis determines the emotion or tone of the user and provides the emoji accordingly. This application is used to analyze a review based website and decision-making applications. 

  • Image Recognition

Now you can protect your smart gadgets with your face recognition lock feature. If you keep your face as a password, it wouldn’t open if there is another face for unlocking. Image recognition is an approach used to catalog and detect a feature or an object in a digital image.

  • Virtual Personal Assistants

You may have probably used Alexa, Siri, Google, or Cortana. These are virtual personal assistants which assist in finding useful information. It acts according to your instructions such as it tells you your schedule, it can play music for you and can answer simple general knowledge questions as well. A few of the crucial applications of Machine Learning in this category are Speech recognition, Speech to Text conversion, Text to Speech conversion, and Natural Language Processing. 

  • Regulating Healthcare Efficiency and Medical Services

Machine learning algorithms have brought drastic changes in the healthcare sector. For better management, significant healthcare sectors are implementing machine learning algorithms. While disease diagnosis, therapy planning, and predicting the situation in disease machine learning serves the purpose. Also, you can track the time of your appointment thereby avoiding keeping in a queue. This is done by predicting the waiting time of the patients in emergency wards across different departments of the hospital. 

  • Language Translation

You may have come across the signboards that are written in a language that you don’t have any idea of. No need to worry about this now, thanks to Google Translate. It can translate thousands of languages to your preferred language and that too with the most accuracy. The translation tool uses machine learning for performing this translation which is called GNMT or Google’s Neural Machine Translation. So, in this way it has connected you to the world. 

  • Video Streaming

There are over 100 million subscribers of Netflix, you may also be one of them. It is the start of the online streaming world. There are about 4 million ratings given per day, and 3 million searches made per day. The Machine Learning algorithm used by Netflix keeps track of your activities such as the time when you pause or rewind, the date and time you watch, the days you watch a specific type of content, your browsing and scrolling activities, etc. in this way, the data of every subscriber is collected and the recommendations are made properly.

  • Fraud Detection

USD 32 Billion is the amount that experts have predicted about online fraud caused to credit cards in 2020. That’s really huge. One of the most necessary applications of Machine Learning is Fraud Detection in the era which is digitized today. Plenty of payment channels have increased the number of transactions going online, thereby increasing the number of frauds that are done by hackers/criminals who successfully find the loopholes and make the fraud happen. Machine learning models find out suspicious patterns and help in finding those criminals and also the loopholes. 


Apart from the most popular applications of Machine learning mentioned above, there are numerous applications that are changing the way we perform our routine activities. This has resulted in a surge in the demand for Machine Learning engineers or professionals.

Taking up an online training course for getting certified is the wisest move you can take to make a bright career in this domain. There are various benefits of taking an online course such as flexible learning hours, mode-of-learning of your choice, and training at your own pace.

Get yourself registered now.


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