MAC OS Big Sur – Features and Much More

The year 2020 was not all about Pandemic. Many new things too happened in these past months. One such is the rolling out of macOS Big Sur. This is one thing that many in the tech world are still trying to analyze. Synchronizing with the same tune, here also some of the features of Big Sur have been discussed. There is no attempt to change your opinion. This write-up is all about putting facts in front of you.

What is Big Sur OS?

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in June 2020 unraveled one of the most awaited macOS 11.0. This led to the revealing of macOS Big Sur. Bidding adieu to 10.X versions now Apple has moved on to this 11.0 version. However, still it is a mystery for many.

Features of macOS 11.0.

Take a look at the following points and learn more about its features.

More iOS Frameworks

The unveiling of macOS 10.15 Catalina in 2019 brought with it the era of Catalyst. This has been embraced by macOS 11.0 as well. Things like maps have been revamped with respect to iOS catalyst apps. In addition to this, now Apple has enabled you to change iOS apps to macOS. The most exciting part of this transition is that you can downgrade to Catalina if you wish to. This access to the framework of iOS is just another step of Apple to bring all the things under one umbrella. This is something similar to the transformation of Mac OS X to macOS 11 bridging the gap between iOS and macOS.


Interestingly, this Operating System continues to uphold the familiar features with a tint of freshness. The clarity has been enhanced with edges that are more round. The bars for the menu are revamped and made unobtrusive. The overall dock design has become more translucent.

Control Keys

The most interesting part of Big Sur is that it has become more content friendly. It blends nicely and allows you to read the contents easily. Nonetheless, you don’t get accommodated to new symbols as expected. One of the major reasons behind this is the disappearance of control symbols when not in use.


Notifications have become more interactive and bespoke with widgets that follow iOS style. Still, for many the older version was more comfortable. Safari has been transformed and made more customized. In fact, it is even considered to be faster than half in comparison to chrome.

How safe is it to renew at Big Sur?

Installing Big Sur will be a good idea or not is a question which you must be pondering like others. As of now, all seems good. However, there have been some reports of Safari crashing which could be of some concern. Apart from this, there have been some installations issues.


Any new thing appeals to you but not all are good for you. That is why it is always considered necessary to make a comparison and select the one that meets your requirements. The same is true for macOS Big Sur. So, try to get a comprehensive understanding of all the things and then make the decision.

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