Kick Back in Your Couch and Live it Up with These Movie Channels

Don’t know what your parents told you about movies, because to us, movies will forever be the best way to unwind and get a dose of inspiration. Movies are the best form of therapy one could ever seek. Even a research from Oxford University confirms that.

According to the research, watching a traumatic movie increases the production of endorphins, which is a hormone associated with pain endurance and strangely, responsible for our happiness. Similarly, a good drama movie with a happy conclusion can trick our brain into feeling good about everything, no matter how bumpy things are in real life.

Movies can help you get through the worst. But, the real problem is what we’re about to discuss now. Cinemas may be the best place to watch movies, but not for everyone. There is a busload of introverts out there, who would give it all to enjoy movies at their homes. Well, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a movie without getting disrupted by whispers coming from all directions and a ridiculously enormous guy kicking your seat from behind. Did you know that 54% of Americans prefer watching movies at home? Well, if you’re a Mediacom subscriber, then guess what? Mediacom Channel Lineup offers an array of Movie channels that you can enjoy with Mediacom TV plans, at amazingly affordable prices.

So, get a Mediacom TV plan, kick back in your couch and watch some of these Movie channels, all day, every day!


REELZ is an American movie channel, focused towards providing you with the best type of home entertainment and nothing else. REELZ broadcasts original content, reruns of Oxygen Network’s Snapped, reality series and some acquired movies as well. REELZ also broadcasts series and documentaries focused on famous celebrity scandals. So if you’re a person who likes to keep up with what goes down in Hollywood, then REELZ on Mediacom will be perfect for you.


Another one on Mediacom lineup is MTV2. MTV2 broadcasts reruns of classic TV shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air, My Wife and Kids and more. Besides the classics, MTV2 also broadcasts acquired movies, which include best classics of all time.

MTV Classic

MTV Classic, just as the name suggests, is the hub of all classic movies and series. If you ever feel like taking a trip down the land of Nostalgia, then MTV Classic on Mediacom won’t disappoint you. Besides movies, MTV Classic also airs its namesake award functions and a dozen of special shows that’ll keep you company during boring times.


BET Her’s broadcast lineup is best for ladies who dwell in solitude and don’t want to spend a second without their best companion, the Television. BET Her airs classic TV shows, award shows and classic movies focused towards Black Americans and what they have to put up with every day. 


Originally, Fuse was dedicated to music only. However, later in 2015, the channel took a massive turn towards broadcasting general entertainment, lifestyle shows, movies and of course, how can we forget music shows. Talking specifically about movies, Fuse’s movie lineup is quite over the top. You’ll find all latest movies, besides some classics and a whole lot of documentaries.


If you’re into real life stories, then LIFETIME Real Women is the one for you. This channel broadcasts a mixture of comedy and drama shows, game shows, reality shows and made-for-TV films. LIFETIME RW doesn’t air acquired movies. If you’re into telefilms then this channel would be perfect for you.

Logo TV

Logo TV offers its subscribers a blend of original and syndicated programming that you might have watched on other television networks as well. On Logo TV you can enjoy content of various genres, such as comedy, drama, reality and documentaries. Logo TV also broadcasts theatrically released movies, edited to stay within the designated time slot of the channel.


HBO – Need we say more? HBO has been known for decades for its original programming and movies. If you’re a Mediacom subscriber, you can enjoy HBO by adding it separately into your monthly TV plan.


To watch new or classic Hollywood hits, there’s no place better than Cinemax. From action to comedy, drama and more, Cinemax has all your entertainment needs covered. On Mediacom, you can watch Cinemax as a premium channel, along with several other channels that come under Cinemax’s umbrella. Once again, to watch this channel, you’ll have to separately add this into your existing Mediacom TV plan.


Hop in Your Movie Jammies and Get Your Popcorn Ready

Enjoy the aforementioned movie channels in your Mediacom TV plans and start living your life to the fullest. Mediacom offers 3 different channel lineups for customers with moderate to high entertainment needs. Don’t worry, everything is right within your budget and there won’t be a moment where you’ll ever have to compromise on the services and features that come with every package. So, don’t waste your time further and become a Mediacom subscriber, if you want to turn to your home into a mini-theatre. 

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