7 Stunning React JS Projects For Beginners

7 Stunning React JS Projects For Beginners

Hello developers! If you are learning by yourself React.js by 2022 and searching to find React.js project ideas to learn React more effectively and improve your React proficiency, then you’re in the right spot.

Don’t waste any more of your time. Here’s an extensive collection of React Js project ideas for those who are just beginning. These projects can be built in any order but working from the top is the most recommended one since you’ll start by playing games, learn how to build logic, and eventually create a fully-fledged site using this library. React.js library.

1. Make an Expense Tracker

It is a great application idea to get familiar with React.js, where you’ll develop a complete expense tracker by using REACT Hooks & Context API. Your application must allow the user to record expenses, classify them, and give some information about the amount of money spent on entertainment, education, food expenses, travel, and other expenses.

You can take the help of Youtube videos because plenty of free learning courses are available on this platform with high values.

In this project, you’ll be able to use a standard JS expense tracker application and transform it into a React application using hooks (useState, use context, useReducer) and the context API.

If you’re a fan of Brad’s teaching style, be interested in participating in the React Front To Back 2022 classes where he’s demonstrated three more intriguing projects: the feedback app and a Github finder and a marketplace for houses that beginners can build to help learn React.js.

2. E-Commerce h3

A website for online shopping built with React and Typescript that allows us to sort clothing products based on the size preferences of the customer, such as M, L, L, XL etc. We’ve added a button titled “Add to Cart” beneath every product displayed on the page. When a user chooses a product and clicks it, it is added to the cart. Then the product will be eligible to purchase. These terms should be all-to-us now, as it is a mockery of the most popular online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra etc.

3. Instagram clone with React.js

Many of us utilize social media, and we’re pretty familiar with web-based apps such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook; one way you can use that experience and enthusiasm is to create a clone with React.js in 2022 in order to master React better.

Mainly, you can build an Instagram replica in React that permits the user to upload images and videos, as well as follow another user as well as let them tag photos and videos, and then display their newsfeed. You can add any features you like, but at a minimum, you need these features.

4. Weather Application

A weather application that gives specific weather data for a particular location chosen by the user. Created with React with Open Weather API for showing the most recent weather data. We have options for searching by country and city where we’d like to view a weather forecast. We will employ this fetch technique to get the API calls, React hooks, and conditional rendering.

5. Build an app for a Crypto Currency Tracker app using React Native

In this project, you’ll create a cryptocurrency tracker app that you can run on your smartphone with features such as the price of a specific cryptocurrency at any time.

The idea is brilliant, and you can put this app in the App Store or Google Play Store as React Native lets you create cross-platform applications. It is possible to use React.js, React Native, and Firebase to complete the course. Firebase is used as a way to make the backend.

If you are stuck, you could go through this free Udemy training to gain insight into how to build a Crypto Currency Tracker app using React and React Native.

6. Making React Forms

In this project, you must build a simple sign-up form with react. It must contain fields such as the username and email password, along with specific features such as when the user enters different information in the email field, it informs him that the email address is not valid or the password isn’t compatible, it will notify the user that.

The project is designed to help beginners learn about the react library. However, if you have any issues working through this project, please take a look at this course named React Forms on Udemy to receive some assistance.

7. Create a Website with React.js and Hooks

The final project is to design a straightforward website that is with React library, designed to accomplish. However, you will need to include HTML/CSS JavaScript code to your web pages and add some components with images to give it a touch of modernity and with a beautiful interface.

It’s a basic gallery project that lets us browse the images using keywords or change the categories depending on the choices, such as Mountain, Beaches, Birds and Food. If you hover over the photos, you’ll see the zoomed-in images. These are the basic projects you can work with at earlier phase of your career. But to become more technical person you need to gather experience from web development company India.


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