Indoor Activities in Lincoln, Ne

Indoor Activities in Lincoln, Ne

Lincoln, popularly referred to as the Star City, is home to several state-of-the-art cultural relics that have attracted many tourists throughout the years. Tourists visit the city state’s museum to find out more about Lincoln’s history. Publicly sponsored gardens and parks are places where several recreational activities are carried out in Lincoln, NE. In addition, Lincoln was formerly known as Lancaster and officially established in 1856, named after the 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln.

Sheldon Museum of Art

The museum attracts any new art fanatic by displaying the museum sculptural garden and art galleries. The displays include modern art, landscape paintings, works of Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keeffe, and sculptures.

Museum of American Speed

This is a favorite spot for speed enthusiasts. This museum showcases several racing vehicles and souped-up hot rods, and it also possesses huge exhibits of transmissions, engines, and other inner parts.

Pinewood Bowl Theater

The theatre manages summer musical shows for the community showing local entertainment and actors with an outdoor theme.

Governor’s Mansion

The mansion is previously home to the past governors of Nebraska, and also it is the present living space of the Nebraska governor. The museum built in classical revival architecture manages tours where people can see a selection of dishes, jewelry, and dolls.

Pioneers Park Nature Center

This nature center in Lincoln has been in existence for about six hundred years providing environmental education for kids and adults. The nature park comprises 688 acres of tall grass for animals to hide, woodlands, and wetlands.

Sunken Gardens

Nebraska State Capitol

Roller Skating in Lincoln, Ne

Rolla-Rena Skate Center

This is an inline skating rink accessible throughout the year and was founded in 1972. The skating rink has a concession stand selling popcorn, candy, nachos, pizza, pop, and cotton candy. It also has the commonly known Air Hockey and a small video game region.

Skate City

This is a roller-skating rink in Lincoln that includes an indoor jungle gym and an arcade. They carry out awesome fundraising activities, offer lessons, birthday parties, and roller hockey.

Railyard Ice Rink

The outdoor section of the Railyard is reorganized into an ice rink for curling leagues, skating, and others, from December to February. The skating rink is an excellent spot for a romantic date or family vacation.

John Breslow Ice Hockey Center

The ice rink can occupy about seven hundred audiences and include a training room, equipment storage space, staff offices, ice resurfacer room, referee and team locker rooms, maintenance areas, and coaches’ offices.

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Towns Near Lincoln, Ne

Lincoln is known as the capital city of Nebraska and the county of Lancaster County. The town extends to about 96.194sq miles with a population of 289,102 in 2019, making it the 68th biggest city in America and the second-most-populous in Nebraska. Below are some of the towns near Lincoln, Ne:


The little town of Waverly is found at the border of Lincoln. The town has around 3,200 people, several of which have a job in the state capital. The low crime rate and availability of an excellent school system in Waverly result in a live ability score of 81.


This is a small town located on the banks of the Big Blue River. The downtown region has several shops and restaurants, while the view of the Seward City Park is suitable for a leisure stroll. The town is famous for its yearly Independence Day celebration, called Fourth of July City. The city has hosted the festival each year since 1868 and showcases fireworks, parades, and concerts.


Ashland is a little town with a combination of antique and modern. It is a perfect location for touring a few golf courses, Mahoney State Park, and the Wildlife Safari Park. Another leading attraction is the Strategic Air and Space Museum, where you can know more about black holes, see the air machinery and real space, and the famous EC-135 restored aircraft.


This is one of the developing towns in Nebraska. The closeness of Lincoln, together with the quaint town rural mood, makes it a perfect community for every age.

Places to take Pictures in Lincoln, Ne

As the state capital, Lincoln is the most populous city after Omaha and is similarly referred to as the county seat of Lancaster County.

      Sunken Gardens

The Sunken Garden in Lincoln is a gem in the city, built on a previous dumpsite in 1930. The garden comprises several species of flowers and plants, water features, and beautiful sculptures that make you unable to record it.

      Eastern Saline Wetlands

This is home to various plants and animals, which are difficult to see in other states.

      State Capitol Building

This is a famous historical fragment of architecture that can be photographed in and out. The pedestrian mall and outdoor courtyards display adequate spots for taking pictures.


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