iBOMMA Telugu movie download app 2022

iBOMMA Telugu movie download app 2022

iBOMMA Hollywood movie download 2022 is not a legal downloading platform to download a movie in HD quality. Movie categories available at iBOMMA are Telugu, Tamil and English. Usage of such privacy sites can harm you, though downloading and watching movies on this site does not cause any harm to your device and you won’t have to face any kind of legal penalty.

iBOMMA Telugu Movies 2022 (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

A lot of users visit the public torrent website; iBOMMA. This site is completely free. This popular website; iBOMMA , is known for leaking original copyrighted content. Its old official site had been banned for piracy. Piracy (unauthorized duplication of content) is when someone uses copyrighted content and duplicates it to sell it at a lower price in the grey market.  iBOMMA Telugu movies new online download ibomma.com. It is visited by those who are movie fans or trending ringtone lovers. On iBOMMA users will find leaked high-HD quality movies of various categories as discussed later in the article. All movies are available for free download or to watch online.


Movie privacy of any kind is illegal. We do not intend to support or promote such illegal activities and sites. This article is just to raise awareness and educate users to discriminate between legal and illegal websites.  iBOMMA is a torrent website that leaks old and new release movies and web series in Telugu or English language. Readers are advised to use authentic websites and purchase all their favorite movies from legal websites like Netflix. Stand against all kinds of illegal activities and violations of copyright laws to keep yourself and others safe.

New site link to iBOMMA 2022

iBOMMA Users must be wondering about so many broken or non-functional links on the internet which claim to lead to the iBOMMA website. The reason behind this, as already discussed in the article, is the latest pirated content on this website. New Link to the official website of iBOMMA for the year 2022. Old official links to iBOMMA have been closed because the site has been banned due to piracy. So they have created a new domain ibomma.app to keep leaking the latest movies.  Some of the older banned links are as follows:

  • iBOMMA.nI
  • iBOMMA.viz
  • iBOMMA.biz
  • iBOMMA.site
  • iBOMMA.site
  • iBOMMA.net
  • iBOMMA.world
  • iBOMMA.desi

iBOMMA Website Features: 

Here are some unique features of this site; IBOMMA. It seems to be an all-rounder site that offers a complete package without charging anything.

People can find all kinds of activity shows, dramas, and movies whether based on science-fiction, love, romance, thrill, dream, or any other category. Now let’s talk about film dialects. Users must be wondering how many different kinds of their favorite shows are available on the iBOMMA site. Well, that is good news for its users as they can find Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and even English dialects for international viewers on this amazing website.

This site is completely free. It is just like watching movies or their favorite programs on YouTube or any other platform. On top of that, users also use this site to even download their desired movies or drama episodes without paying a single penny.

Many users also prefer iBOMMA, a popular torrent website, to download their favorite tunes so that they won’t have to worry about getting their desired ringtone ever again.

Don’t want to download movies? iBOMMA also facilitates the users here as many people prefer to watch online rather than scrolling down the available downloads. Then this site is for them! They can enjoy live streaming over iBOMMA.

iBOMMA Website Details: 

Also, have a look at the following detailed specifications of the iBOMMA site.

 Name of website iBOMMA
Type Of Content Movies TV shows in 360p, 720p, 1080p
Movies from
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Hollywood

(And many more)

Film Categories


All types of movies including

Action, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Love & Romance

Stats Thousands of old and latest Released movies
website Type Torrent website
Cost per download Free
Type of Movies Tollywood, Bollywood & Hollywood
Available countries Worldwide

Does iBOMMA often leak the latest movies? 

Yes, the torrent website does leak the latest movies too. All these movies are in HD quality as the iBOMMA website claims that they value “Quality and Clarity”.

Despite being illegal, the availability and excess of pirated content show how rampant it has become. The piracy of movies is against the law. Yet, the iBOMMA website has been pirating movies for a very long time. This torrent site keeps changing its domain to leak the latest movies. This website leaks videos in many domains and categories. Almost all kinds of movies can be found being pirated on the iBOMMA torrent website. Despite being illegal, this platform has gained a lot of popularity and is being used by many users to download Hollywood movies of HD quality. They have thousands of movies in their database and claim that new latest movies are still being added to this website. Users can see online trailers of any Hollywood movie. This torrent website also gives a brief synopsis of the movies along with the trailer which helps its users understand the storyline better. Users can also watch the whole movie online or download it through 3 different servers from the options available on the iBOMMA website.

Is iBOMMA Telugu movie download platform legal? 

No, iBOMMA movie download is not a legal platform to download Telugu movies. It is famous for leaking the latest movies and making them available for download all over the world. It already has thousands of movies of all times available in its database and still keeps on pirating the latest movies.

Other free similar sites are;

  • The cine Bay (free site)
  • Thiruttuvcd (free site)
  • pycker (free site)
  • FilmLinks4U (free site)

Alternative legal websites:

On the other hand you can use these legal sites to download and watch any movie online;

  • Amazon prime video (paid)
  • Netflix (paid)
  • HBO Max (paid)
  • Hulu (paid with initial free trial)
  • Your local library
  • Canopy (free)

Method to Download movies on the iBOMMA website? 

Wondering how to download anything from iBOMMA? Downloading is quite simple. On the iBOMMA site, users go to the website, search for the movies that they want, and click on the download button. They can also choose to watch online. The trailer and synopsis are also available. After hitting the download button users are redirected toward the download page to choose the format that best suits them. All movies are available in HD quality with high clarity. Formats available are MP4 or AVI for mobile and PC download. The Website works with iPhones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Moreover, the iBOMMA site is completely free to use. And this is also the reason that this torrent site is loved by its users. You can browse iBOMMA from wherever you are and whichever device you are using. This site is quite convenient and easy to use where you can watch all your favorite Telugu movies and shows. Not only this, but iBOMMA.app also offers many Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Additional information about the iBOMMA website: 

Available on devices:

Another reason behind the popularity of this website is its availability in all kinds of devices. Users browse iBOMMA site on following devices.

  • Mobile phones /Androids
  • iPhone
  • PC
  • Laptops

iBOMMA Telugu Movies Download|Category List:

This torrent site not only leaks new releases but also movies in many categories such as, New Release, Action, Crime, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Romance, Biography, Cartoon, Animation, Web series, Hollywood, Punjabi, English, Dual Audio, Bollywood and History

Formats available on the iBOMMA website; 

Movies and web series on iBOMMA are available in many formats to suit all user’s needs. These formats are: 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, Blu-ray, MKV, High quality and Full HD Quality

Find small-sized movies with good quality.

Want to enjoy Good quality Movies to enjoy with friends and family? You may want to know about the best place to find these. Netflix is the best place to find small-sized movies with HD quality. Netflix is a streaming service that has a wide range of movies whether it’s romance, thriller, crime, drama, comedy, or adventure. New releases are also aired on Netflix and you can also watch old classic shows or web series.

If you are a person who does not like to rent or buy a movie from Netflix and such sites, then we also have another solution for you. You can use Amazon Video or iTunes Movie Rentals for buying a whole video series. These videos will be of high quality and small size just the way you like.

New movies on iBOMMA website: 

Recently there were rumors that Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie has been leaked on torrent sites including iBOMMA. But later it was said that the movie is not leaked and now available everywhere to watch for free. Thia movie was released on 30th Sep, 2022. Many latest movies are available to watch or download for free at this site. Some of them are;

 Telugu movies

Hollywood movies

Telugu web series

Add ons (O)


Best sites for downloading Telugu movies: 

There are many apps and the best websites available for downloading Telugu movies. Some of these best sites are the MX player app, Movie HD app, Moviezwap, Teluguwap, Playit app, Isaimini, and Moviesda.

Why is iBOMMA popular, unlike other similar sites?

iBOMMA claims to value quality and clarity. This means, they offer HD video downloads and live streaming in many formats. Users can access all movies easily so it is convenient for all. iBOMMA is so popular because it leaks the latest and new release original copyrighted content.

Other app: 4Movierulz

Is it safe to download content from iBOMMA?

Well, it does not harm your computer device, laptop, or mobile when downloading movie content from iBOMMA. But we do not recommend using such websites with pirated content as all of their content is someone’s intellectual property and it is illegal to use piracy of copyrighted movies. iBOMMA is  leaking the latest movies in HD quality to generate a major chunk of its income from ad networks. Using a pirated site may get you in trouble because it is illegal. So it is wise to use a legal website and download all files without any problem. So the answer to this question is “NO”.

How to install iBOMMA.apk on your Android Phones?

The installation process from iBOMMA is simple. Download the “APK file”. Find it in the files manager or download folder. Click on the APK file then select “Install”.

What is the limit to watch movies from iBOMMA?

iBOMMA.net and iBOMMA.app offer free latest movies and web series. Users are allowed to download as many videos as they like or watch them all online.

Are there any other sites similar to iBOMMA?

Best websites you will see on the internet, for free movie download and online watch, similar to iBOMMA are: Amazon mini TV, Movirulz Telugu movies, Mx player, Boly2tolly, Today PK, Voot , Mazaloo, Telugu, Palaka


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