How can you Integrate Artificial Intelligence in SEO?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging as a dynamic component to power content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Marketers who integrate AI into their SEO and digital marketing strategies report rapid growth and lead generation for their online businesses.

So, how can you effectively integrate AI to boost the success of your SEO marketing initiatives? It may seem overwhelmingly techy and complicated but it isn’t, because the major function of AI is to simplify things with its advanced problem-solving capacity. AI can power your SEO and content marketing strategies to supercharge the success of your business.

This article will help you get started. Here, take a look:

The Right AI SEO Software

In 2020, marketers can rely on numerous AI-powered SEO software and tools that allow you to choose your application and devise an entirely new and innovative approach. Most leading AI SEO software focuses on content generation and strategies. They help you gain insight into the SEO metrics and requirements of your existing landing pages and new content ideas.

These applications and tools provide insightful and data-driven recommendations to improve your SEO strategies, keyword targeting and maintain relevance to your audience’s needs. Much AI-powered software and applications offer additional features, such as actionable strategies, and performance predictors.

It is crucial to invest substantial time towards research the right AI-powered software for your business and SEO goals. It is crucial to choose a platform that is innovative, reliable and allows you to track your performance and results.

Using AI for SEO

Once you’ve found the right AI-powered SEO application, it’s time to start incorporating AI into your SEO campaigns. Modern-day marketers rely on AI applications to generate new content and to reoptimize their old landing pages and content. This is a crucial step to ensure that your website makes it to the 1st search results page of Google and other search engines.

If you want to focus on curating new and fresh content for your website, AI will help you research topics and keywords that are most relevant to your audience and business. This step requires you to focus on your niche, and explore sub-niches and topics that can add more variety to your content.

Various AI-powered platforms aid marketers in analyzing the readability and success of their topics and content, however, each software is different in terms of features. Most AI SEO software provides relevant keywords, potential titles and title tags, recommended word limits, semantic analysis and more. 

Reviewing AI-Generated SEO Results

AI-powered SEO software and applications allow marketers to oversee the success or failures of their SEO initiatives. They provide detailed reports carrying actionable and data-driven insights to oversee errors and address concerns with a pragmatic approach. These insights help content creators and marketers make improvements in accordance with the requirements and preferences of their audience.

AI-generated SEO data is highly beneficial in setting a quality-focus brand image, elevating your content standards, and ensuring that your website is grounded in the best SEO policies. Marketers can share SEO data reports with content writers and other team members to make improvements, understand SEO insights, and avoid errors, such as keyword stuffing.

These AI-generated insights are a proactive measure that ensures that your content is aligned with the leading SEO standards to ensure its Google-friendliness and high-ranking search results. Such tools are indispensable for businesses that outsource their marketing or content writing projects as they help evaluate the effectiveness of the content services.

Watson Buys is a “we buy houses” company with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. They invest in many US Cities including Indianapolis, Indiana, Omaha, Nebraska, and of course Denver, Colorado.  Watson Buys is on the leading edge in the real estate industry when employing AI.

We spoke to CTO Shaun who stated “Our primary focus is customer acquisition and retention through satisfaction. We believe if past clients are satisfied with our service our business will be successful. Artificial Intelligence allows us to understand the needs of our customers in such a way that we never thought possible” AI allows Watson Buys to:

·  Customize their service to the individual needs of particular brackets of clients.

o needing to sell a house fast to stop foreclosure.

o selling inherited property.

o selling a house to relocate due to a change in employment.

·  Deploy content that is both educational and practically useful for people selling their house.

·  AI allows us to get in front of the customer when they need us.

The last bullet point is about not forcing our way into people’s lives without being invited. For example, have you received a postcard or text message asking if you want to sell your house for cash?  After much research, we decided that it is inappropriate to force ourselves into the lives of our communities. Instead, we use AI to ensure that when a person goes online and takes action, searching for the best home buyer to sell my house fast, our service is easily found.

AI helps us to combine SEO strategy and techniques with presenting the product home sellers actually need to grow our business.

Focusing on customer needs is a simple approach that has proven to be effective for Watson Buys. Watson Buys is one of the fastest-growing small real estate investment companies in the nation.

Creating AI-Powered Content

AI-powered software makes it considerably easier for businesses and marketers to create SEO-friendly content to appeal to their target audience and maintain prominence. AI-powered SEO content allows businesses to set higher standards when it comes to content curation and incorporates targeted keywords for actionable results.

When it comes to content writing strategies that actually benefit online businesses and brands, the focus is on phrases, keywords, and searches that need to be optimized. This is where artificial intelligence steps in and make the process simpler. AI-powered tools are designed to identify patterns in large volumes of data sets.

They process enormous amounts of data on search volume to offer data-backed suggestions on the topics you should to writing about using specific clusters of keywords in order to reach a specific audience. Marketers and content creators rely on AI to extract topics from search data and imitate the practices used by other high-ranking websites to appear on the first page of search results.

Aside from using search results to create new topics, AI can also help you enhance and optimize your existing landing pages to improve your rankings. There are numerous AI-powered tools that offer actionable suggestions on improving existing content.

Voice Search

Google utilizes artificial intelligence to offer relevant results to our text and voice search queries. Search engines are powered with highly sophisticated AI tools, deep learning, and machine learning to process our queries and searches, and satisfy our queries with relevant results.

It is crucial for marketers to understand whether we integrate AI in our SEO strategies or not, AI will continue to have a dynamic impact on our website and content rankings. In simpler words, AI is determining whether and how your brand will gain an audience.

Rameez Ghayas Usmani Digital Marketing and Technology Expert from PureVPN says “AI is dictating how search engines interpret and categorize information presented on your website. As a marketer, it is crucial to take into account the association between AI and voice search and gain a competitive edge by utilizing AI-based tools in keyword and topic research. “ 


Marketers and content writers perform numerous manual tasks on a daily basis. These tasks include topic research, keyword generation and search, SEO insights, and more. However, despite their experience and efforts, marketers seldom succeed at winning over Google’s algorithms through their manual efforts.

Therefore, they rely on machines and AI-powered tools that have the ability to skim through enormous amounts of data within seconds. Artificial intelligence is not the future, it is the present, and it is being incorporated across the digital landscape with astounding speed. Modern-day marketers are increasingly reliant on AI-based SEO and content marketing tools to attract their audience with a much more robust and relevant content strategy.

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