Here’s why a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is better than other investment avenues

A fixed deposit helps you augment your wealth, fund a large purchase or save up for your retirement while enjoying the benefit of liquidity. This is where an FD stands out from other types of investment options. For all these reasons and more, a fixed deposit is a clear investment winner and you are now tasked with finding an issuer that lets you take advantage of this. By finding the right issuer, you welcome the potential for lucrative returns and convenient investing too. One such issuer is Bajaj Finserv that promises a 50% or higher increase on your invested capital among other benefits.

To know more about all you stand to gain, look at why a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is a superior offering to invest your money in.

Guaranteed investment returns

A key benefit of investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is the fact that you enjoy guaranteed returns on investment. This is because FDs have fixed interest rates rendering them immune to market volatility for tenor of this investment. This aspect combined with the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator can be used to forecast earnings at the time of investment and serve invaluably in planning your finances. Furthermore, the guaranteed returns allow you to enjoy financial certainty as you are fully aware of the earnings even before you make an investment. This is a unique feature of fixed deposits and you should try and make the best use of this information before investing.

Market-leading interest rates

The main reason why the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit stands out in the investment scenario is because of its high interest rates. At a rate of 8.60% on a tenor of 36-month and above, Bajaj Finance offers you one of the best FDs in the market for a new investor. This interest rate grows your wealth through the power of compounding, which means that the principal is reinvested based on the compounding frequency. Every time the principal is reinvested, it accrues interest and builds on that.

Further, investing for a period of 5 years can help you gain more than 50% of your capital. For instance, if you invest in an FD for Rs.1 lakh for a tenor of 5 years at the interest rate of 8.60%, your interest earnings amount to Rs.51,060 which is 52.06% of your invested capital. Considering you gain from 0.10% upon renewal of your FD and can earn 8.85% as an existing customer, these returns are only bound to increase.

Affordable investment option

Another reason why this FD is a good option to consider is that it is affordable. With a minimum investment amount of Rs.25,000 you can start building your wealth with just a few months of saving. Furthermore, this low threshold also lets you get in early to enjoy the full benefits of a long tenor investment.

Highest security ratings

The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit boasts of impeccable credit and security ratings. It has secured the highest ICRA (MAAA) and CRISIL (FAAA) ratings, making it a safe investment. Safety of investment is a vital element to check beforehand simply because high-yielding investments typically carry a high-risk quotient. However, this is not the case with this FD and you don’t need to worry about your money being in safe hands. To further stress these points, some investments only have a high rating from one credit agency whereas Bajaj Finance has two. Many experts and advisors suggest opting for a secure investment because of the promise of returns. Having an assurance of returns on this FD is better than the potential for significant profits on other types of investments.

Added benefits for senior citizens

This FD offering is especially lucrative for senior citizens because of a rate benefit that is higher than that of the regular investor. Senior citizens get an additional 0.35% on the base interest rate for any given tenor. This means that on a tenor that is 36-months and above, you can get an incredible interest rate of 8.95%. Remember, through the power of compounding, your potential to earn also increases by a significant amount. Additionally, senior citizens can also opt for monthly interest payouts at a higher rate than that for regular investors. This is especially beneficial for those who want to meet monthly needs comfortably in their retirement years.

The guaranteed high return rate is one of the main reasons for investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit and by using the Online return Calculator you can find options that work to your advantage. To start investing today, fill out the online application form and a representative will get in contact with you.


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