Google Flight offers easy-to-use cheap flight ticket service in Thailand

Following the booking of air tickets will be extremely easy as the Google Flight service is officially open for use in Thailand from today. Can use to find all routes Can choose to find the most affordable or worthwhile trip Plus linking with  Google Search,  just typing the flight you want to go to There will be information comparing the prices of various airlines. Is a Thai baht up to see immediately 
Who wants to try The book really through  Google Flights will be comfortable whether on PC or mobile phones can also access this service anywhere. Just type in the search box, with the approximate keyword that Air tickets, flights, flights, etc. What about this will meet with Google Flights, which will show the results of the airline Travel time, starting price, etc., including the location and date fields That we want to fly with (Or will go to )
And when we click on the flight search Will enter the Google Flights page with additional information, including ticket prices during the nearby days, a price chart that shows future ticket price trends, nearby airports from which we choose There are also tips for booking tickets for good prices as well.
But if not hurried Or have not yet found a pleasant price We can also click to track prices. To be notified when a good price ticket That we might be interested in too
It is considered a good service from Google that comes to help increase the convenience for people traveling. No need to download any apps to install more. Plus, it also supports Thai language and can be converted into bahtAnyone who is traveling will try it.
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