Factsheet on investing in enterprise mobility app security platform

The world is already confused about deploying and investing in enterprise mobility app security platform. The myths are surrounding the business world and here, we bring a factsheet to bust them.

1.       Mobility data security check

There is a myth that mobility compromises data security. It’s because businesses think that enhanced mobility for employees make data security more vulnerable. The business world believes that mobility disrupts the data flow design and attracts data thieves and unauthorized access. Moreover, latest technology based new corporate apps development is a costly affair as per the industry.

The fact is that the businesses with such thinking have never found a right enterprise mobility solution provider. Investment in right mobility and IT security management partner ensures data protection.

2.       Need of enterprise mobility security

Another myth is that companies think they don’t need such solutions. There are many business leaders who believe that mobility security is an option. It hardly makes any difference to their customers and employees.

The fact is mobility is a necessity of every business today. Almost one third of enterprise data is accessed through mobile devices by the users and employees both. Instead of ignoring the need of mobility, enterprise should create a company-wide policy that includes the acceptable use of security measures, mobile devices, tech standards, etc.

Businesses have to accept this fact that they require mobility solutions to bridge the gap between suppliers, employers, customers, and partners to streamline the business information flow between them. It will help them in gaining a competitive edge.

3.       Need of mobile apps in the business

Many businesses were there that used to think about mobile apps are just waste of time. These are only customer-bound and would not be helpful for business at all. While, some businesses have started developing and creating their own apps, there are still some SMEs that avoid mobile apps partially or completely.

The truth is that enterprise app developers working in IBM, Microsoft, Sap, Bitcoin and Oracle have experience great lengths to develop mobile-native versions. Even hundreds of startups that have created business apps for mobile devices are making their employees to work and use mobile apps wherever possible.

4.       Complexity and cost of mobility solutions

If any enterprise is planning for business mobility solution; it’s a costly affair as it needs considerable changes related to infrastructure. The framework is complex and development team has to update it regularly to ensure seamless business process and operations.

The truth is while organizations need to invest in technology, enterprises need to understand that mobility can help them in saving huge costs by reducing physical space and encouraging employees to use their personal devices. A reliable mobility solution can enhance employee productivity and flexibility.

5.       Mobility is not just about coding

Business companies often think that mobility is related to coding and thus, they take less interest in mobility development platform.

The truth is that mobility not just requires coding, but also the efforts and considerations for completing the project. However, companies do require talented resources, technologies, design evaluation and graphics, idea, and best user experience.

6.       Enterprise app development need skilled professionals

Companies longing to create mobile apps for business often think to do the entire mobility development project in-house, which eventually fall short after some time.

The fact is mobile app development is more than just visualization, conceptualization, and wireframe. It’s a complex process since there are several challenges for development team while implementing thoughts into action.

Enterprise mobile apps developmentworks with thorough market research, powerful acumen, skills and experience of the developer.

7.       Mobiles need as much security as personal computers

Businesses still think that mobiles are safer than PCs and hardly need maintenance work for security check.

First of all, the employees who think that ‘security’ is the second name of ‘antivirus’ then be alert. There is a chance that you own a latest mobile device with exceptional security features. However, it doesn’t mean that it has ability to protect data of the company and customer.

8.       Control features for mobility solution

Enterprises think that if they control the user activity to a certain extent, they can ensure security.

This is false. It is not right to restrict user activity to ensure security. Businesses need a comprehensive view that can help in implementing the suitable mobility solution.

Hackers in the industry with malicious intent can do things like-

·   Inject malware into apps and on devices to access data, store keystrokes, and steal screen lock passwords
·       Copy your app code and reverse-engineer a spoof app that contains malware

·       Interfere with sensitive data traveling over the airwaves

·       Steal user data for fraud purposes

·       Access banking

·       Access IP

Enterprise mobility solutions are the need of modern time. Businesses need to understand and accept this fact as soon as possible for their customer and employee security. Mobile use is increasing with the increase of users and a top-notch mobile developer can assist you with his mobile security strategy to make your company data protected against hackers.


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