7 Ways to Bypass Torrent Blocking Effectively- Updated In 2022

7 Ways to Bypass Torrent Blocking Effectively- Updated In 2022


Torrent is fresh air for those who need to download different software, games, and movies. The P2P file-sharing technology that torrent uses is legal; however, the torrent has many users who share copyrighted files, promoting piracy.

Why Do Torrent Sites Get Blocked?

Countless torrent websites have gained popularity with a massive base of regular users, but there are incidents of multiple commonly uttered torrent site names getting under the ground. Furthermore, as sharing copyrighted files is against the law, torrent websites face allegations of copyright violation and get blocked by numerous countries. 


Many famous torrent sites got blocked during the past few years. The Pirate Bay, Kickass Proxy, 0123putlockers may still be blocked in countries like the US, UK, Germany, France, India, China, and other countries.

How does The ISP Block Torrents?

The ISP ( Internet Service Provider), in alliance with the DMCA and anti-piracy advocates, tracks down torrent users who are trying to download pirated content, like music and movies.

However, you can still browse torrents under the noses of the DMCA and the ISP.

Just as much as I wish for piracy to stop, I also think blocking the use of torrents is not the best way. People do not use torrents only to download pirated content. Other usages get dragged into the piracy war and suffer miserably due to torrent bans.

7 Ways To Bypass Torrent Block

However, there are methods to unblock torrent sites bypassing the ISP block. In this article, I will mention seven different ways to bypass the torrent block easily.

Use VPN to Bypass Torrent Blocks

VPN or Virtual Private Service is the most effective and the easiest way of unblocking torrents. Spoon your location using a VPN; VPN creates a fake location for you that the ISP gets fooled by. The VPN masks your geo-location by making a spoof IP address for you. And the advanced encryption technology utilized by VPN hides you under the ISP.

A friendly piece of advice, don’t resort to free VPNs. using torrents in a location where it is blocked poses a potential risk for you to get fined. So, to ensure safety as your primary. 

On the other hand, many pocket-friendly VPN apps do a very excellent job masking your appearance while torrenting. You can take ExpressVPN or NordVPN, or Surshark for the best examples in the market.

Use Magnet Link

If you have enabled VPN, your next step is using a magnet link to download the torrent file that you want to download. Magnet links are hyperlinks that work in an environment where there is no server. It contains valuable information for a torrent client to download a torrent file.


Many torrent users may find Seedbox as new to them. Seedboxes are tools that work as an intermediary between the user and the torrent websites. It lets users download or upload files anonymously. There is no way for ISP to block Seedboxes since it will mean blocking the server. Using Seedbox is a smart way to bypass blocks.

Use Tor Network

Tor is an amazing network that conceals the identity of the user from online surveillance. Tor uses onion routing to separate and route the users’ activities by directing the traffic by rerouting through numerous servers before reaching the destination. 

Torrent Relay

Torrent relay can be your favorite trick to bypass the torrent block. It’s a fun way of unblocking your torrent by converting the torrent link into an HTTP link. You can share your torrent link to the website, and the website will give you an HTTP link in return.

Use Proxy 

Proxy gives effectiveness close to what VPN does. Using a public proxy hides your IP address. Proxy also reroutes your traffic through multiple servers making monitoring of your online activities difficult for the ISP. Proxy is also safe; it keeps you away from virus and malware attacks. 


Textor is another trick that you can apply, bypassing the torrent block. Textor allows you to convert your torrent link into a .txt file. You just need to enter the insert the torrent link into Textor, and it will generate a .txt link for you. Then, you can use the .txt link to download the torrent file. However, this trick may not be helpful if your ISP has blocked all the torrent traffic.

Is Mediafire Safe?

This is a nice piece of info. Unfortunately, Mediafire has no encryption for your files. The reviews may confirm its safety, but the way it works does not suggest a complete safety system. Full Details

Disclaimer: This article does not support downloading pirated content. These steps are only for the legal use of torrents.

Final Words

The act of blocking torrent has nothing personal against you. It is just a way to prevent piracy of original, copyrighted content. So, if you are using torrent for other legal purposes, this might feel like a pain in the neck. Unfortunately, you can only resort to bypassing the torrent block.

Hopefully, my tricks were of benefit to you.  Do not forget to comment with your feedback. And also, mention the problems that you may have faced while implementing any of these tricks.

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