What Effects Buying Now and Paying Later Will Have on Your Business Strategies?

What Effects Buying Now and Paying Later Will Have on Your Business Strategies?

As ecommerce grows, the practices formerly considered conventional for running an online store are evolving. Now that the millennial generation is entering the market, they have high hopes and expectations for the advantages that online retailers may provide. One presumption is that the current paradigm of “paying at the time of checkout” will be replaced by a paradigm that allows for more flexibility in terms of payment alternatives. 

According to consumer surveys, 76% of people are more likely to purchase if they can spread the cost over a longer period. According to a recent poll, 85 percent of shoppers choose interest-free Buy Now, Pay Later options when purchasing at their favorite online businesses. It’s difficult to understand what “buy now, pay later” truly means.

Purchase Now, Pay Later:

Using a Purchase Now, Pay Later (BNPL) approach, you may buy things now and pay for them later. Customers can pay for their purchases in installments, and they will get their first payment immediately. As a result of paying in installments, consumers can make lower payments on each due date. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use a third-party payment processor for your e-commerce firm.

What is it about BNPL that People Find Appealing?

Traditional Credit Cards are Dwindling:

There has been an increase in the number of young people entering the buying market using BNPL models rather than credit cards. It makes sense with the high fees and high-interest rates of using a regular credit card. Millennials are especially leery of taking on more debt since they have the fastest-growing debt load.

BNPL is Less Expensive:

It is necessary for consumers who want to utilize BNPL to meet all payment deadlines the financial institution sets. In most cases, BNPL accepts customers with just a “soft” credit check. As an added benefit, BNPL options normally do not incur fees or interest costs (again, only as long as installments are paid on time).

BNPL is More Flexible:

BNPL is an excellent alternative for customers who are worried about spending more than they wish to since it doesn’t need as much money upfront. Instant approval cuts the time needed to make a transaction in half, resulting in significant time savings. It’s also the handiest feature to buy products in advance for certain holidays or events rather than waiting until they can pay upfront, ensuring quick delivery and preventing the risk of forgetting to order later.

Why should You Include BNPL in my Online Retail Outlet?

BNPL Helps Businesses Compete:

BNPL, more widespread in online businesses, will bring you on par with your competition if you use it in your payment plan. For example, if your competitors allow customers to choose between these options and your company does not, you may see a decline in sales. If you add BNPL skills to your company, you’ll have an advantage over your rivals.

BNPL can Sell More:

Retail conversion rates might rise by 20%-30% as a result of BNPL options, according to RBC Capital Markets. What is the reason behind this? Have you ever been deterred from purchasing because a retailer did not accept your chosen payment method? If you accept BNPL as a payment option. As a result, customers are more likely to follow through with purchases sooner when the expense is spread out over a longer period. Consumers are more likely to purchase from you when you give them little time to decide otherwise, forget or find a competitor to buy from.

BNPL Reduces Abandoning:

When Mastercard implemented BNPL, cart abandonment fell by 35%. BNPL may overcome various conventional objections, even if the most common reason buyers provide is abandoning a shopping cart. Furthermore, BNPL may be used to refute the claim that the payment option of choice is unavailable. On the contrary, by allowing customers to pay over time at cheaper rates, the things in their cart are no longer considered “expensive.”

BNPL’s AOV is Boosted (AOV):

Regarding individual purchases, the higher the order value, the better. From 15% to 86%, there is an incredible variety of BNPL providers giving AOV increases, which is fantastic. In the long term, customers are more likely to spend more money if they can spread the expense of their purchase over a longer time.

The CLV of BNPL is Increased (CLV):

Customer loyalty is built on a retailer’s ability to satisfy customers’ needs while demonstrating appreciation for those consumers. By meeting your customers in the middle regarding payments, you can build trust and demonstrate your appreciation for their business. Customer Lifetime Value is increased due to consumers who have had a pleasant experience becoming repeat customers.


Adding a Buy Now, Pay Later option to an e-commerce store’s payment options may greatly influence the company’s sales. If you demonstrate that you are willing to fulfill your customers’ requirements, you will see an increase in the size of your customer base. Customers may buy now and pay later at your store. Please visit our instructional page to learn more about the Premium Checkout experience with PayPal’s Buy Now, Pay Later options.


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