With a beautiful two-tone rear finish and impressive data sheet for just $ 300, the Honor 8X is one of the most attractive phones in the range. You will probably want to protect your new phone, so we’ve put together some of the best Honor 8X cases to make your life easier.

Clear cover

KuGi Ultra-Thin

The Honor 8X has a super bright back panel with bright colors, so why not show it with a clear case? The KuGi shell is almost completely transparent, with the exception of the colored border around the top, bottom and buttons, and the TPU material keeps it supple and durable.
$ 9 on Amazon

Air cushion

Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen is one of the most popular box brands in the world. Its Liquid Air case is slim, fingerprint resistant and stylish with a geometric pattern on the back. Spigen strengthens the corners of its case with its shock absorbing Air Cushion technology.
$ 13 at Amazon

Shock absorption

MoKo Carbon Fiber

If you prefer to protect your phone than to display it, the thin TPU case from MoKo is an excellent protective case at a great price. The carbon fiber caps add a touch of stray light to a case offering complete protection at low prices.
$ 8 on Amazon

Robust kickstand

Boythink double layer hybrid

What’s better than just a protective layer? Two, of course – Boythink covers your Honor 8X with a soft layer of TPU and a harder polycarbonate shell. It also includes a crutch and a file well textured and easy to hold.
$ 8 on Amazon

Cards and money

Kwmobile wallet

You already have your phone in your pocket; why not put our wallet there too? The kwmobile Wallet has three card slots and a money pocket, and the fabric and leatherette flap can be used as a stand.
$ 10 on Amazon

One-handed use

Orzero Hybrid Case

PopSockets are great handles, but they add a lot of volume to the back of your phone. Orzero tackles this problem by tucking his metal ring back into his case. Its double layer construction also makes it protective, with layers of TPU and polycarbonate.
$ 9 on Amazon
The Honor 8X is an excellent phone that deserves an equal hull. Fortunately, it’s easy to find affordable options for every type of user, whether you like slim cases, folios or double layer protection. While it’s more than reasonable to show this beautiful layer with KuGi Ultra-Thin, MoKo solid carbon fiber offers you a superior level of protection with its own style.