Are Memes The Future Of Social Media Marketing?

It is quite impossible to pass a day without coming across a meme on our timelines in today’s social media era. Memes have quite a powerful influence on our digital life. The crisp messaging, humorous attitude, and easy conveying of feeling & situation are the things that make memes so special. These attributes of memes, along with a higher probability of going viral, is what compels more and more brands to include memes in their digital marketing strategies. In this blog, we will discuss the effectiveness of memes in social marketing and how you can make drake memes and other funny memes in almost no time. But before that, let’s have a closer look at what memes actually are! 

What are Memes? 

The term “memes” first came into existence in 1976 and is derived from the Greek language whose meaning is “that which is imitated.” Memes are a combination of setup and punchlines or funny ideas or catchphrases shared on social sites or over the internet to entertain the audience. Normally, memes are some funny text written on an image with some context or relatability to it. However, it can include just text or videos as well. It generally has a very short lifespan. 

Why Bother to Include Memes in Marketing? 

Marketers and social media managers are always rumbling to develop new ways to influence the audience and persuade them to buy their brand. To connect with a broader group of audiences, brands are relying on popular culture references. And there is nothing more influential and powerful than memes when it comes to engaging the audience through pop culture. 

According to Google Trends, memes are on the path to be the most popular search term and have even surpassed the term “Jesus.” Again, millennials spend over 200 minutes online every day, and memes are one of the most sought after stuff for Gen Zers over the internet. This situation presents an optimum opportunity for brands to engage with their audience.

Memes in Social Media Strategies

One of the biggest issues for brands in their social campaigns is the low engagement ratio. Whether it be organic or paid, no one wants to see branded content on their timelines. Most of the time, people skip over the commercialized content, especially the Gen Z.  Unless you serve them something entertaining, engaging, and funny. With memes in your marketing strategy, there is a higher probability that your posts won’t get skipped. 

Memes go beyond the gag-inducing branded content and provide some value to the audience. Memes work because these are designed while keeping social platforms into consideration and provide value through entertainment. They are not overly promotional and make the viewer laugh with an easy-going reference to your brand. Since these are entertaining, it’s easier for the audience to share. 

The Right Way to do Meme Marketing

Memes are valuable to marketers, and there is no doubt about it. But the big question here is how to leverage it to its fullest? Here are some tips and tricks to juice the most out of memes. 

Existing Memes

Like other content in the marketing funnel, memes can have either a long or short life cycle. However, the best part about memes is that the same template can be used repeatedly just by changing the text according to what is trending currently on social media. As a brand, you must keep your ears to the ground to think about what is trending right now. 

While making memes for your brand, ensure that your content is original; more than that, it’s funny. More importantly, try to visualize the impact of a meme before sharing as the meaning of the meme keeps changing, and you might unintentionally use super offensive memes in your marketing funnel.

Creating Your Own

You can also create your meme from scratch. Although it is a more difficult task, it adds space for exploring your creative side and being flexible with your final product. Another problem that you might face is the audience recognition of the new template. But the good thing is that it will be a new format, and there is a probability that it will go viral as people are bored out of the existing formats available on social sites. 

There are several online and offline platforms like Meme Generator, DIYLOL, Canva Meme Maker, and others to make compelling memes in just a few clicks of buttons. You can also leverage image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, Snapseed, and others you want to advance customizations while making memes for your brand. 

Basic 101 of Meme Marketing

This section will talk about how to run your meme campaign for higher engagement and better penetration. Have a look at these rules: 

Be a native: While making the meme, make sure that the person writing content has a deep connection with pop culture. Unless he/she understands the ins and outs, it would be difficult for you to make it relatable for the audience.

Define your audience: Don’t bother to please everyone with your meme. There is some background to a meme, and only those familiar with it will be able to get your meme. Know your target audience and focus on them. 

Watch your timing: In meme marking, timing is the key to get viral. The funniest memes will land flat if it is not timed properly. While using an existing meme, make sure that it is still sassy. However, if you create something from scratch, try to blanket it in something trendy and in demand. 


Many-a-times, brands think that memes are for college kids or bored office workers. However, it’s not the case. Just imagine a situation where you have to read 100 words of information about a new product or just see a funny meme. Don’t you prefer memes? Memes can be an integral part of any digital campaign. 


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