6 Hosting management tricks that every website owner must know

Website hosting is one of the best pathways to get your online presence alive and available for the audiences around the world. With a dedicated hosting service server, you can be sure that computing power to your website has a better uptime and performance.
However, there is a vast range of options available when it comes to web hosting, and even small businesses have many choices to pick affordable web hosting. Here are some of the most important hosting management tricks you should evaluate when considering a web hosting solution.

Some of those hosting management aspects are as follows:

Operating Systems

It’s important that you must have flexibility in choosing operating systems. The OS you choose to launch your website has an impact on your website and how it functions in the coming time.

Also, you shouldn’t make a specific choice just because a hosting service provider or a hosting company restricts you. Most good server management companies give you a choice between the range of Windows and Linux operating systems.

Out of them, you have to choose one operating system that you would like to install while checking out your hosting package. It’s quite a good idea to add the OS in your shopping basket, but make sure it is pre-installed on your web hosting machine.

Security Is Must; It Should Be Solid

Server security is supreme on the internet. Almost every website on the net is continuously under attack from thousands of malicious sources due to which you should be sure that your server is secure at all times.

Therefore, carefully review your server management’s each security feature before you overweight for a dedicated server provider. All this is to avoid any chance of hacks, unwanted spamming, phishing, and viruses.

Look into the security provision of the data center or managed hosting servicesprovider, and make sure the team accurately controls all security factors when they interact with the customers.

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Try Scaling Your Server

Each website grows over time; not only do they grow in size and attract more traffic, but their scope gets enhanced. Thus, the dedicated server you started your website with may not be sufficient enough for a few months or years.

Always make sure that the dedicated server provider can quickly help you to upgrade the server by scaling the amount of computing power which is available to your business.

Flexibility is also an essential factor if you wish to move your website to a different kind of platform. For example, Cloud hosting and hybrid hosting environments ensure flexibility when your hosting provider is transfer applications from one environment to the other.

In case you need to upgrade the hosting plan without re-configuring your entire website, then there are some other factors which you must consider.

“Getting the basics of best hosting services is important in the long run, but some of the smaller factors end up having a tremendous impact on how you run your websites.”

Here are some of the other hosting management factors which we think are important and should be in your mind.

Dedicated Server Customization

Some websites use advanced technology like machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. and to access these techs; you need capable hardware. In fact, you may need customized hardware for enabling AI and machine learning applications.

Also, to future-proof your website, it is worth looking at the web hosting company which can help you in customizing your server management and hosting panels to enable advanced computing requirements. The capability to offer such level of customization distinguishes companies providing reliable and robust hosting solutions.

However, the budget companies or cheap hosts can provide you with fixed and pre-built web hosting solutions, but professional hosting companies offer you a customized solution, fully meeting your all requirements.

Hosting Management Software

A best hosting company always provide you with the more advanced hosting panel and control panel access, instead of giving remote access to a server. In other words, a panel lets you manage the advanced features of a server, or manage a group of servers.

You have many options to pick when it comes to server management software, but the widely used software are Plesk and cPanel. Other control panels which you can consider are ISPConfig and Ispmanager, but Plesk is the most popular control panel from the last ten years.

The best web hosting company allows vast automation across web hosting applications and makes the management of day to day tasks easy. A server software management should run on both Windows and Linux and must work seamlessly in the background while managing performance requirements.

Such features can only be present in the advanced dedicated server management platforms offering corporate hosting, managed hosting services, business web hosting, and dedicated hosting.


Anyone can get stuck when configuring and maintaining a server platform. Though relying on technical support is a good option, but sometimes looking up for the tips and troubleshooting sheets can be a lot easier.

Good hosting companies always provide an extensive, user-friendly, and in-depth range of tutorials, tips, and hosting management tricks to help you with the most common issues.

You can find plenty of reliable and relevant information in the libraries, which you can refer to technical support if you need step-by-step instructions on a specific issue.

Manuals From Hosting Providers

Sometimes the easiest way to get out of a technical issue in hosting is using an audio or video tutorial. While the online tip sheets are must, and incredibly useful, there are many dedicated server management tasks which are better explained using multimedia.

It is easy to look out for a host or an affordable web hosting company running a YouTube channel or a Vimeo page explaining hosting management tasks. It is quite simple and easy to follow tutorials in video format; also, you can easily share them and spread the knowledge.

These were some of the hosting management tricks dependent on important factors that make it easier for you to choose the best and right host as per requirements.

Perhaps the most essential of all these tricks is scalability, flexibility, and upgrade ability, but we also encourage you to look out for the customization options to get a reliable web host support in the future for your site.


Website hosting looks difficult, but under the proper guidance of the best web hosting company, you can easily manage it. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a guide on hosting management tricks that improvise hosting services with high uptime and performance. Also, includes the use of an operating system, hosting panels, and tips to get better usage of troubleshooting.

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