10 top stories that you might find in “Samsung Galaxy S10”

10 top stories that you might find in "Samsung Galaxy S10"

Less than 1 month left, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be officially launched. Of course, it is the 10th anniversary version of the Samsung Galaxy S since the first and the news of the release , it must be absolutely special.of the Samsung Galaxy S since the first and the news of the release, it must be absolutely special.

Today, theTimetechnews team! Hi-tech has gathered information on the current news that has come out and see that it is likely that we will actually see it at the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 on. This February 20 comes to be read by 10 things that are available, if ready to watch.

1. This mobile phone celebrates 10 years of the family.

If counting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, which is considered the flagship phone of the Samsung camp, this is the 10th generation and the 10th anniversary of this camp is perfect.

2. Samsung’s first mobile phone to use 5G technology

After Samsung launched the 5G mobile prototype at CES 2019, it is possible that the prototype will be the model of the mobile phone that will be seen in the Samsung GalaxyS10 5G model and can be made worldwide I know that 5G has come.

3. Rear camera specification is expected to be packed

The rear camera specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + will be upgraded to make the rear camera of this model up and expected that Samsung is no longer a part of it.

4. There may be 4 models, 3 sizes.

According to previous data, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have 4 models and 3 sizes, including
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 E, the smallest model that has a 5.8-inch screen, comes with a size not too large. And have a dual rear camera
  • The normal Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a rounded 6.1-inch screen. Have a single front camera
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + may have a 6.44 inch screen with a fingerprint scanner on the screen and a dual rear camera.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 X The overall specification is not different from the Plus version, but will get 5G support.

5. Samsung’s first fingerprint scanning system

At that time, Samsung could use the fingerprint scanning system on the screen. The work uses the Ultra Sonic sensor that can scan the finger from the screen. But still have problems because of this system Can not be used with general protective film, so Samsung may solve the problem with its own protective film design, especially for this model

6. The specification may be stronger than the iPhone.

The specification of the device, in addition to using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, also uses the latest Exynos, along with the latest LDDR5 RAM. at all

7. Samsung’s first two tone colors in the flagship group

From the last dropped image The device has two color tones, the same color as the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, the latest color that has been unveiled and sold in some countries. Including the pictures on the invitation card. The device will have the same color as Two Tone as well.

8. The first pair of front camera And may have Swipe Selfie feature

Previously, the Render image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + was revealed. It is expected to get a dual front camera, but for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 E, the smaller one will have a front camera But the extra strength is on the front camera, which is already on the screen. Makes the method easier to use, just scrape the camera down And the camera will open itself or Swipe Selfie, the same feature as the previous Galaxy A8s that is launched

9. Design the original back But get a big screen full

From the design seen from the picture, Render still says that the design is the same. But with the use of the Infinity O screen, this mobile phone can change the original image, but all will have to wait for the actual look.

10. Price

Although the information in this section is very small But there is a possibility that the price will be higher than the original model But not as much as you can think of
All of this is a collection of information from various news releases. Which is likely to be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series. How much will this mobile phone be on February 20?
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